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Very broad copyright license on your content

The copyright license that you grant to Facebook goes beyond the requirements for operating the service. For instance, it includes the right for Facebook to transfer the license or to license it others on their terms (“sublicense”). Also, the copyright license does not end when you stop using the service unless your content has been deleted by everyone else.

Topic: Scope of the copyright license

This service tracks you on other websites

This service uses cookies to track you even if you are not interacting with them directly. Amazon for instance, use cookies to track your device and serve targeted advertisements on other websites (Amazon associates, websites using Amazon Checkout). They “obtain certain types of information when your Web browser accesses Amazon.com or advertisements and other content served by or on behalf of Amazon.com on other Web sites”.

Topic: Cookies

Facebook automatically shares your data with many other services

Facebook automatically shares your information with Bing, Pandora, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Clicker, Scribd, and Docs, unless you manually opt-out.

Topic: Personal Data

Facebook uses your data for many purposes, including effectiveness of personal ads.

Including: data analysis, testing, service improvement, control of the effectiveness of the personal ads, and location features and services.

Topic: Personal Data

No pseudonym allowed

You must use your legal name publicly on the service. Using a pseudonym or a pen name is not allowed. This can have negative consequences on the freedom of expression, especially for people who exercise certain professions, or who live in certain countries.

Topic: Anonymity and Tracking

Facebook uses cookies

Facebook uses, pixels and local storage in order to gather information about you, your device, your browser cache, your use of Facebook. Facebook also uses cookies for adversing purposes.

Topic: Cookies