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They can remove your content at any time and without prior notice

Youtube reserves the right to decide if a video violates the terms of service, not only if the user is a copyright infringer, but also not limited to: if the content is about pornography, obscenity, excessive length. The content may be removed and the user's account terminated without prior notice and in the sole discretion of Youtube.

Topic: Changes

The copyright license is broader than necessary

The user grants Youtube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license that is sublicenseable and transferable, and that can be used without limitation for the promotion of the service, in any media format and through any media channel, provided it is in connection with Youtube, its successors' and affiliates'.

Topic: Scope of the copyright license

Reduction of legal period for cause of action

Any action against Youtube must begin within one year after the cause of action accrues. If not, the cause of the action is considered as permanently barred.

Topic: Law enforcement and due process

Deleted videos are not really deleted

“Youtube may retain, but not display, distribute or perform, services copies of your content that you have removed or deleted. ”

Topic: Waiving your right

Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without notice to the user

They can change the terms of service any time they see fit, even without notification to the user. Your use of the service supposedly constitutes acceptance of the changes in the terms.

Topic: Changes

They help you to deal with take-down notices

If you are the target of a copyright holder's take down notice, YouTube gives you a chance to defend your right in front of the jurisdiction of California. See section “Counter-Notice.”

Topic: Suspension and Censorship

You are solely responsible for your account

You are solely responsible for your content and the consequences of its publication, and solely responsible for keeping you account password secure. Youtube is not liable for any unauthorized use of your account, but you may be liable if this unauthorized use causes losses for Youtube or the others.

Topic: Ownership

Users are subject to Google's Privacy Policy

“When you use YouTube, you are subject to Google's policies.”

Topic: Third Parties

Jurisdiction and law of California

The Court of Santa Barbara in California is the only one competent for disputes arising from the terms of service of Youtube. The applicable law to these terms of service is the one of the State of California.

Topic: Jurisdiction and governing laws

Must agree to the terms to use the service

The user must agree to the terms to use the service.

Topic: User choice

Youtube can change the terms at any time

Youtube can change the terms at any time. If user still uses the services afterwards, they are considered as agreed.

Topic: Changes

Youtube can stop their service at any time, on their sole discretion

By agreeing to the terms, you acknowledge that Youtube can shutdown or radically change the service from time to time without prior notice to you.

Topic: Suspension and Censorship