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You can terminate your account

In order to terminate your agreement to the terms, you need to send a written notice to SoundCloud, Berlin. All your content and your activity will be “irretrievably deleted by SoundCloud, except to the extent that we are obliged or permitted to retain such content, data or information for a certain period of time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and/or to protect our legitimate business interests”. You should back up your tracks yourself.

Topic: Right to leave the service

6 weeks to review changes

When SoundCloud decides to modify the terms of service, they notify you by email. The changes will go in application after six weeks, leaving a reasonable amount of time for you to consider whether you agree to the changes to the terms of service.

Topic: Notice of Changing Terms

Collected personal data used for limited purposes

SoundCloud collects data that you provide, but also automatically. Information collected about you is only used for a list of purposes which are reasonable. Your data is not shared with any third-party, except for the features you use.

Topic: Personal Data

Personal information can be disclosed in case of business transfer or insolvency

SoundCloud: “We may disclose your personal information to any person or company that acquires all or substantially all of the assets or business of SoundCloud, or on a merger of our business, or in the event of our insolvency. ”

Topic: Personal Data

The terms are easy to read

SoundCloud provides an index describing what each section is about. Thus, you can easily identify which sections you care about and jump directly to these sections.

Topic: Easy to read

Use of cookies and third-party cookies (opt-out)

SoundCloud uses persistant cookies. They also have a limited set of third-party cookies: Google Analytics, Quantcast and ATInternet. Detailed information about how to opt-out is provided.

Topic: Cookies

Jurisdiction in Germany

“this Agreement is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and excluding the principles of conflict of laws (international private law); and you hereby agree, and SoundCloud agrees, to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Berlin, Germany for resolution of any dispute, action or proceeding arising in connection with this Agreement.”

Topic: Jurisdiction and governing laws

You stay in control of your copyright

You only grant to SoundCloud the rights necessary to operate the services. You grant to the public the rights to listen and to share your tracks “within the parameters set by you” for each track. You can also publish easily your tracks under a Creative Commons license of your choice.

Topic: Scope of the copyright license